The Police And Firemen Showed Up And Did Something NOBODY Expected… WHOA!


The police in particular have taken a lot of hits from the media and some are deserved. This video was made by the Rock County 911 first responders including firemen, fire women, police men, police women, and a few older men that obviously sit behind a desk. The video was made to develop good PR with the locals. A lot of people are out and join in with the people that protect them on a daily basis. The first responders had to have practiced this dance a lot more than a few times. Obviously the best of the best was selected for the performance and they do a great job. They do a fabulous job. The first responders get down to the Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson tune ‘Uptown Funk.’ All of the police and fire people know the words to the tune and are singing it while they dance. Most of the first responders are dancing in full gear that they would normally wear in the performance of their duty. It is hot and sunny.

One of the funnier things about the video is that policemen that are obviously way past the age that anyone would fancy that they were into this type of music are in fact some of the most enthusiastic performers. The old guys know all the words too. Several of the women are the stars. They prance and sing like pros. Who knew there were that many great dancers in the police force and the fire department? One might thin that they had some coaching in dance from some of the pros associated with the musicians.

The video was made in a coordinated effort by the singers and the county to let all of the people in Rock County and the world know that first responders are first of all people.

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