The Owner Laughed & Said The Dog’s Been Chained Up For 10-15 Years, But Watch This


This is a beautiful video about an older dog named Rusty Diamond. We don’t know what his name was before the lovely next door neighbor came to rescue him. You see Rusty was chained outside for ten to fifteen years. He never had much attention given to him until one day the neighbor started talking to him. This story ends like a fairytale but most of Rusty’s life has been a horror story.

For all the neglect over the years Rusty still is a handsome and loving dog, thanks to this guardian angel neighbor. When you see Rusty in this heartwarming video you will fall in love with him. Rusty has been chained up and not walked or cared for most of his life. Rusty had open sores all over him. He also had tumors and was in need of a major bath. He looked like he hadn’t been bathed for years. Oh Rusty glad to see your guardian angel has finally come to rescue you.

Watch this video of a rescue by this angel of a neighbor. See her feeding Rusty through the fence. Each day the neighbor comes and reaches through the fence to care for Rusty even though he stays chained and lacking any human kindness what so ever. You have to see this beautiful video and how this story turns out. The neighbor tells the owner that she will be taking her dog so he is cared for properly.

This is a great story about how this older dog is given a better life. The neighbor ends up getting the dog and setting him free finally from all his life of misery. This all takes place in the extremely hot climate of Phoenix, Arizona. Watch this video as you see the humanity in Rusty Diamond’s face. You have to see how happy he ends up being in this video. Rusty has come a long way from a dirty coat with flies eating away on him.

Watch this video as Rusty Diamond comes back from the dead and becomes a happy dog playing with his friends at his new adopted home. Thanks to this wonderful guardian angel of a neighbor. Rusty’s life all changed when his next door neighbor befriended him. Rusty was an older dog but he sure had a lot of life left in him. You have to see this miracle of a story. Watch this video as you see Rusty Diamond turn into the dog with a shiny soul. With all that Rusty has been through he shows you that he has a heart of gold. Watch this great video and you will fall in love with Rusty the crusty older man but his soul is still so very shiny. Watch this video and pass it on.


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