The Only Word This Poor Donkey Knew Was ‘Abuse’. Now He Learned ‘Love’…


In India, donkeys are usually treated with much respect, seeing as they are working animals. And farmers worldwide usually know that taking care of their animals is good business, a healthy working animal helps with healthy business.

So there’s no real indication or reasoning as to why the owner spent considerable time abusing this donkey – named Lance by the rescuers – and leaving him to die on the roadside like so much garbage. Luckily, the volunteers at Animal Aid were able find Lance in time, and you’ll see how they cut away the ropes tied much too tightly around this poor animal’s legs, so much so that they began to bite into the poor donkey’s legs. The film shows how they began to treat him for his injuries, stating that Lance was in considerable pain.

Two months later, we see that Lance is fully recuperated from his injuries, and has found a new home permanently at the Bonnie Christopher Forever Home for Donkeys, where there is no fear of being abused or neglected. It is only through the efforts of shelters and agencies such as these that help mitigate the damage done to these animals by the careless and cruel. And while it is heartwarming to see and hear the triumphs of Animal Aid Unlimited, it is disturbing to know that such abuse happens at the hands of people on a daily basis. Even more disturbing is how many of these individuals – when confronted – act as if they’ve done nothing wrong.

The plight of Lance is an example of how people treat animals, and others. For those that believe an animal cannot feel pain like “people do”, they are a part of society that needs to be punished as heavily as those that would abuse a spouse or a child. And for those who feel the pain of seeing injured animals, they can help by donating to rescue operations such as Animal Aid and Bonnie Christopher Forever Home, so that the fight can continue.

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