The Kids Hide Under The Pool, But What The Dog Does Next Has Everyone Laughing!


These kids always try to trick their dog by hiding under the swimming pool. Since the dog got too tired trying to find them a couple of times, he thought to end this situation. They are not going to mess with him this time. Looks like the dog knows the exact hiding place when mommy asks him: “Were are the kids hiding?” At first the dog looks a little confused. Looks like he knows that they are somewhere nearby, but he doesn’t know the exact location.

But what this dog does next is just too hilarious. He gets under the swimming pool as soon as he finds the kids. Next thing we know is that the dog gets under the swimming pool, and runs away with it. The kids start to chase him, but he is way too fast, and acts with intelligence. Probably the dog thought that it was his time to revenge. IF the kids wanted to mess with him, then now it is time for him to return the favor! This is the most hilarious thing about this video. IF this dog was not intelligent, he would not think of a way to revenge right?

To be honest with you guys, this is one of the best videos I have seen today. I have to admit that animals make me the happiness. I read about them a lot, and watch a lot. This dog put a really big smile on my face. The way he reacts to the whole situation, and what he does is just too hilarious. I have said it before, and I will say it again: Dogs amaze me! Everything they do is just too adorable, pure, and positive. If they are happy, then you will be happy too! Share if you love what this hilarious dog does.

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