The Homeless Dog’s Transformation Is One Of The Most Shocking I’ve Seen. It’s Unbelievable.


This is the story of Bethany. The dog is really in pitiful shape when you first see her. She has sores on her body, is covered in mange, and has a foot that is so infected that she cannot walk but hops along. The rescuers find the dog huddled against a dilapidated wooden fence. Bethany is a bit skittish of people at first but is slowly coaxed into eating and is carried to the first soft bed the animal has been in for years by her rescuers. The look in the animal’s eyes just tells you that she knows she is going to be taken care of.

It takes more than two weeks for the dog to heal from the diseases and injuries but slowly and surely with all the help the people at Hope for Paws can provide Bethany does recover.

The bit of the video that shows Bethany frolicking and playing with fellow cast off dogs will just bring you to tears. The animals seem to know just how fortunate they have been in being rescued by people that have dedicated their time and expertise to saving abused and homeless animals.

Sharing this heartbreaking and triumphant video is a must. Bethany needs a home. The more you share the video the more likely it is that this rescued dog will find a home.

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