The HERO Police Dog Who Fought To Protect Us Lost His Life. This Is His Tribute.


The bond between police officers is strong and this extends to their canine companions. Davis has known Jethro since he was just a little puppy, which makes this an even more difficult tragedy to stomach. K9 officers are not merely trotted out to take bullets from would be criminals, they are trained officers of the law who deserve our utmost respect.

Thanks to the help of Jethro, the armed robber was eventually apprehended. One less thug on the streets who is armed to the teeth and ready to do harm. During his escape attempt, the robber was shot in one of his legs and transported to a local hospital. Without the help of Jethro, it is unclear whether the officers had a clear shot at taking him down for good.

Those who would like to see Jethro’s tribute should watch this touching video. Jethro had a wide range of brothers and sisters in the police force and they’ve all shown up to pay their respects to this amazing and selfless dog, a dog who laid his own life on the line to protect his adopted family.

Jethro died doing what he loved most: protecting others. Thanks to the other officers who were on the scene at the time, his death was not in vain. To spread awareness about the sacrifices that police dogs like Jethro make each day, be sure to share this bittersweet video with your friends and family as soon as possible. Rest in peace, old friend.

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