The Familiar Voice That Comes Out Of This Man Will Make You Do A Double Take!


This video is a great example of why a person should never judge a book by its cover. By all appearances, the man we see at the outset of this clip looks like any other male. You certainly would not expect him to have any special talents and the majority of people would pass him by on the street, without so much as even a second glance. But that is why you must open the book and read it. Viewers would never guess in a million years or with a hundred tries that this seemingly unassuming man would have a voice that is a dead ringer for one of our most treasured musical icons of all time. His demeanor betrays no evidence of his amazing ability and most men could never even dream of singing the way that this man does. Lin Yu comes onto the stage to sing his song and those watching at home would be forgiven for thinking that they were about to see the next William Hung, a man whose sincere (yet atrocious) covers of a variety of pop standards set the stage for his unlikely rise to stardom. Lin Yu certainly does not look like the type of man with pipes and range, he seems like any other reality show contestant we’ve seen over the years.

This simply increases the shock value of watching him open his mouth and hearing the dulcet tones of Whitney Houston come flying out. It is easy to tell that this is not his first time singing in public, as he immediately begins to croon, with zero hesitation. There is no trepidation in Yu’s voice and it is clear that he is a force to be reckoned with.

The viewer is left in a total state of confusion. Is this some kind of a joke? Surely a man cannot sing in the same manner as the late, great Whitney Houston. However, the confusion dissipates as the viewer comes to realize that Lin Yu’s singing skills are no joke. He attacks each verse of the song with the same level of vim and vigor. Impossibly, he seems to get better and better with each word that he sings.

By the time he makes it to the chorus, we are blown away completely. It is extremely difficult to do justice to a song as iconic as “I Will Always Love You”, but Lin Yu does the classic track justice, destroying his performance.

A performance this incredible needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Pass this clip onto all of your friends and family members, so that they can experience the same level of joy that you did on your first viewing.

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