The Exact Moment This Puppy Discovers Peanut Butter Is Pure Bliss


Until a little while ago, I had no idea that dogs are in love with the Peanut Butter. Now I would say that it is one of their favorite snack. I mean everyone loves Peanut Butter, so there is no reason why dogs wouldn’t. One time I had to pet the dog of my friend for a little while. She was out of the country and for one week I had to live with her Pit-Bull/ Boxer mix dog. While she left me all the eating, walking, sleeping schedule for Tyson, she told me what kind of snack he was allowed to eat. Number 1 snack for him was Peanut Butter. Of course he could not eat as much as he wanted, but he really liked it. And when I saw this video, my mind went to Tyson straight.

This little tiny puppy is lucky enough to try Peanut Butter for the first time in his life. At first he has no idea what his daddy is going to feed him. But once he tries the brand new snack, the little tiny puppy wants to fly from over-satisfaction. I don’t know if this would be the appropriate word to express his emotions. He is flying from joy because he just tried the most delicious snack of his entire life.

I just couldn’t resist, but laughed at the way this tiny puppy eats the Peanut Butter from the spoon. At first I felt like he wanted to chew the spoon too. He could not understand that all he has to do, is licking the content of the spoon. Apparently what he is eating is so delicious, that he cannot think straight for the moment, All he wants to do is keeps on eating the good, yummy food his daddy offered him to try for the first time ever. Now this tiny puppy will enjoy his life with a little bit more taste on it.
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