The Dreamy, Feminine Look Of The Waterfall French Braid


Whether you want to add a feminine touch to jeans and a shirt, or you want to soften your look for a business meeting, the Waterfall French Braid is the perfect hairstyle to use.

The Waterfall French Braid is a twist to the classic French Braid. Just as a background, the French Braid is an elegant, classic hairstyle that has been around for a very long time, even thousands of years, reportedly. It has been featured in artwork dating from as early as the Sung dynasty. Early Greek and Celtic artwork also feature depictions of women wearing their hair in a French Braid. Indeed, this classic hairstyle is backed by a rich history.

The Waterfall French Braid, on the other hand, is a modern twist to this classic hairstyle. Instead of a tight braid with all the strands woven into each other, the Waterfall French Braid’s pattern is designed in a way that one strand is allowed to fall free from each plait, thus the name “Waterfall.” The overall effect is a dainty, feminine look that reminds you of fairies or princesses of children’s fairytales. And even if your hair may give you a look like Frozen’s Queen Elsa, you have to admit, it easily adds an interesting touch to whatever you’re wearing for the day.

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