The Dog Will Not Come Inside. You Will LOSE IT When You See Why, LOL!


This is a video about an extremely intelligent and lovely dog that obviously thinks about what she is doing. However, the intelligence factor may be drawn out in this case. The dog could have been traumatized and this is the reason why she is so suspicious about the situation with the door. After watching the video, you may think that the dog would have been involved in an accident which involved a little trauma, and this could set anyone back. However, not all dogs would be thinking along the same lines, which is why this particular one really stands out. Having a door in front of you which is closed, but that has a handle would naturally mean that it should want to be opened. This is also probably why the dog refuses to go outside until the handle is opened.

Most people know that if you have a door with a handle, there should be some form of material which prevents you from stepping through it. Without that, what is the point of a door. The dog must be intelligent enough to work that out, otherwise she wouldn’t wait for someone to open the door.

One can see how intelligent this dog is when she is gestured to go through the door, knowing there is no glass there. The dog does not trust this door anymore and needs the owner to help her out. You will have to look at the way the dog is looking at the door handle and asking the owner to let her out in this way. Such communicative skills like these are priceless.

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