The Dog Took Off Through The Woods And Led Them To Something Unbelievable


Peyton’s family remains terrified as they frantically search for their missing son among the woods near their family home. Police are using search dogs, Peyton’s pediatrician and his staff are there, neighbors and family members, and everyone is searching for this little boy. He has been missing for over four hours when suddenly, Peyton’s aunt gets a clue from an unlikely source in the case. Peyton’s father said his sister just took off near a shed on the family’s property. Apparently Ash, the boy’s dog had signaled here from this shed, and she ran over to the dog to see if Peyton was nearby.

Ash the Dog Saves His Best Friend, Peyton

Ash had been causing a stir from across this field and near a shed on the property. When Peyton’s aunt saw Ash, the dog, she ran over to him to see if Peyton was close. Peyton WAS close! She found that Peyton was asleep on top of his coat, lying next to the shed. Ash hadn’t left Peyton’s side except to go signal for help, apparently fearing that he shouldn’t have been there for as long as he had, or noticing all of the people that were looking around and figuring maybe they were looking for his friend, Peyton! Whatever the case, Ash saved the day, and the little boy! As for Peyton, he was never concerned, it was just another walk in the park for the little boy with his best friend, Ash the dog.

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