The Dog See Dad Out In The Water And Does Something Awkwarkdly Hilarious!


The video opens up with several dogs in the water. They are out at a lake and then you see a man in the water. The large dog then practically doggy paddles out to his owner. The way he does his thing in the water is so awkward it’s funny and it’s a must watch.

You can tell it’s likely the dog’s mom (owner) that is filming the video and she’s laughing the entire time. This dog certainly makes a splash because he’s the only one acting this crazy out in the water. What a fun place it looks like where dogs and people can swim together.

If you look at how the dog is splashing around, he looks more human than he does dog in his approach. The other dogs don’t seem to mind, but his dad is getting a big kick out of what he’s doing. There’s no easy way to teach a dog how to swim and he doesn’t seem to be picking up any pointers from the other dogs around.

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