The Dog Sees A Baby Squirrel And The UNTHINKABLE Happens!


It really looks like the squirrel is something of the aggressor because the puppy keeps backing up when the squirrel advances on the dog. The dog and the squirrel become so chummy that the squirrel decides to take a nap on the dog’s bed while the puppy looks on as a protector. Apparently, at least for now, the two animals have become besties.

You really cannot resist sharing this video with all the animal lovers that you know. Strange does not come close to describing the way the two animals relate to each other. Cute, charming, and precious just do not express the emotion one feels watching this truly one-of-a-kind animal relationship.

This video is really hard to believe. There is no way the squirrel could have been trained to do what it does and the dog’s reactions are just too real to have been choreographed for making an internet splash. This video is real and you will not believe it until you watch it.

Dogs are social animals. Squirrels are social as well. Possibly the young dog and the young squirrel just enjoy life and making new acquaintances. While some squirrels do carry rabies and are immune to the disease this squirrel is so friendly to the dog that the little puppy is in no danger. This one rates a ten on an unbelievable but true scale.

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