The Dog Runs Into A Fox. But I Don’t Think Anyone Expected This Next Part!


The fox was found by the humans that own the farm when the fox was a cub. The fox had been abandoned or strayed from its family. The humans adopted the fox and so did their dog. The relationship between the dog and the fox is startling and really clever. No one would have thought that two animals that are supposedly bitter enemies would get along so well together. The fox has remained outside the house but is overjoyed every time it sees his dog friend. The two animals romp in the water in the spring and summer, play in the snow during the winter, and generally just have a great time chasing each other around the forest and the farm.

The dog is about twice the size of the red fox and could probably tear the fox to pieces but the two animals have formed a bond of friendship that defies legend and practice. Just watching the animals play with each other leads you to know that they love one another. You can tell just by watching the animals that they really are attached to each other in a special bond.

Dogs and foxes may share a common ancestor from ancient times. Dogs are commonly thought to have been bred from wolves by ancient man.

The common ancestry and the similarity of behavior may explain at least in part how and why the dog and fox have come to be such close friends.

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