The Dog Places His Paw On This Little Boy With Down Syndrome. What Happens Next is Amazing In Every Way.


This video captures a very special moment between a shy infant with Down syndrome and a caring Labrador dog the world has yet to see. In the early seconds of the clip the lab tries so hard to accompany and share love with a young boy by putting his paws on the child as if the dog were asking for acceptance. The boy is very uncertain if he is to trust the Labrador as he scoots back with caution. The dog patiently persists, finally the child gives in and celebrates the dogs loving character with joyous arms.

As people of the human race we are flawed, it is in our primal instinct to judge or perceive our surroundings in an almost crude manner which results in the seclusion of others ideals or way of living or personalities based on their appearance and whether we are uncomfortable or comfortable enough to make contact or shun their existence.

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