The Dog Does THIS Every Night. Just Watch What He Wants…


Kissing is an act that is common with man and it is often done between humans. But these days dogs are beginning to partake in the act. In most homes were dogs are domesticated as pets, you can easily find a dog wagging its tail and looking longingly at its owner or a member of the house. What does it wants?

In this case the canine is not hungry but it is desperate and anxiously expecting to receive affection in a more practical manner such as hugs and kisses. However, it is hard to believe that dogs express their quite profound feelings for their masters by kissing. But let’s be a little more realistic, do dogs really kiss at all and if they do, what is the motive behind it?

Perhaps some dogs are amazed by their proprietors or owners that they feel it are needful to payback or they feel there is a need to express their ongoing deference by rendering and receiving kisses. How come dogs have grown to become so affectionate that they begin to share kisses humans? Could this be love?

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