The Dog Didn’t Get Along With The New Baby. And Then All Of A Sudden… Whoa!


Watch as the adorable Ricky gets a bath and doesn’t mind it so much. Ricky wants Romy to play with him but she never does. You have to watch this cute video to see how this adoption works out. The dog in the end lets the kitty sleep on her and the two appear to be great friends. When you see this cute video it will warm your heart and prove that cats and dogs do get along.

See how this adorable little kitty finds a nice home and everything works out. Watching this video makes you feel good and is so fun to watch. You will love the way they end up getting along. This is a great story of the adoption of a kitty who tells his own special story. You will have so much fun watching this fuzzy tale.

When you first see this little kitty brought home you would say these two will never become friends but miracles do happen and Ricky now has a nice home to live in. Watch this great little video and see how dogs and cats can live in harmony all in one house. Watch this video to see why it is a “Catdance Finalist” and pass it on to friends.


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