The Delta Honor Guard Pays A Tribute To A Fallen Soldier And His K-9. What The Baggage Handlers Do Broke Me


On the 13th of February in 2013, the Delta Honor Guard team, a team of volunteer employees of Delta Airlines who make an effort to honor fallen US military men, gave a heroes’ welcome to the remains of a soldier and his K-9 partner, a bomb-sniffing dog. When the video of the moment resurfaced recently, it had not lost its power to move anyone who watched it. The verses quoted at the start of this post are two of the more memorable lines in “God Bless The USA,” which was playing in the background of the video of the hero’s welcome arranged by the Delta Honor Guard team. Indeed, no other song is more fitting, because this soldier and his K-9 valiantly took the blow of an improvised explosive device (IED), as they were in the line of duty.

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