The Cake Looks Like A Mess, But Then Turns Into A Masterpiece


Everybody loves cake, and that is the truth. If there is a type of cake you don’t like, there is certainly another type of cake you will love. If you are sad, cake can be the answer, if you are feeling depressed, cake can be the answer. As a matter of fact, cake can be the answer for everything, but then again, it needs to be eaten with moderation, or else it can give you some serious problems. But if you have ever actually tried to make one of those amazing cakes you see on TV, you’ll see that it’s just incredibly tough to actually make a beautiful cake. Well, fear not, since in this video you are about to learn how to easily make an amazing cake for someone you love that is both easy and amazing. In the video, the baker uses cake dough from packets so you just have to follow instructions in order to get the perfect cake mixture. That might not look like much, but it is already a load off work taken off your shoulders. Plus, it’s one step where you won’t really be making any mistakes. After you get the perfect mix, all you’re going to have to do is just split it into different bowls and color it differently. After coloring the mix, you just need to fill up some pastry bags with the mixture. The fun part comes in now, since you’re going to squeeze out the colors into a tray in order actually make the cake.

The goal here is to make a few different levels worth of different colors. Then you bake the cake, let it cool, and use a cookie cutter shaped like a heart (or like anything else, if you’d like other shapes) to cut the whole cake into little heart pieces. After that, just cut off the bottom of every heart to get rid of the ugly colors they’ll get from baking and then prepare another tray to go to the oven with some tin foil on it. Just place some more mixture (without coloring) on it and make sure you bake it just a little so it can get a thin layer to put your hearts on. When you get this layer, line up all your hears, put them there and then just fill it up with the rest of the mixture and bake it in the oven. When the cake is done, you will see how beautiful it is and you can actually cover it with some fondant or any other type of cream if you’d like. The video does talk about a way to cover the cake in order for it to keep on looking delicious, so check it out.

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