The Best 2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes


These days, it is very hard to make both a healthy and cheap breakfast. Have you ever wanted to make delicious pancakes, but looked in your cabinets to find that you just did not have enough ingredients for a traditional recipe? Well, now you can make absolutely delicious pancakes with only 2 ingredients – a banana and 2 eggs! If you are looking for a quick and healthy breakfast that also has the added benefit of being absolutely delicious and scrumptious, look no further than this simple recipe for banana pancakes. If you have a banana and two eggs, a healthy meal is right around the corner! It takes just a few minutes to prepare, and they pack a big punch to your taste buds.

The recipe is simple: chop one banana into a bowl. You can even mash it if you like. Then, add two eggs and mix the ingredients together. Once the batter has reached a nice smooth consistency, just like normal pancakes, you are ready to add it to the pan! To add more health benefits, add a small amount of coconut grease to your pan instead of using butter.

The size you make the pancakes will vary according to your needs. These hold up well under large sizes, and they make a very hearty breakfast. You can also make these a little smaller, and keep them around for snacks. With all of the health benefits of these, you will be tempted to keep them around for pre-workout snacks, or for a post-workout pick me up.

Don’t worry about adding sugar, either! These pancakes have plenty of sweetness without adding sugar, sweetener, or syrup. It makes it so much easier to transport these around as well. With just a few minutes of preparation, your mouth will be in absolute heaven all day long. Once you make these simple delicious banana pancakes, you may not even want to go back to the traditional cake-like pancakes that you have grown accustomed to. Plus, they are even more healthy than the traditional pancakes you might be accustomed to! Of course, it might take a little more work to get the batter to a nice consistency, but the work is well worth the effort, as you will see the first time you make these. These 2 ingredient banana pancakes are quick to make, easy, cost way less than normal pancakes, and only require 2 easy ingredients that almost everyone has on hand. Look no further for a healthier, cheaper breakfast that is going to fill you up fast and leave your tummy and your taste buds satisfied.

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