The Beginning Of This Absolutely Ripped My Heart Out. By The End, I Still Couldn’t Find The Words…


This dog received surgery to fix his broken tail, was given a steady supply of delicious homemade food, and even received some much needed cuddling. As you might imagine, Hands especially enjoyed being held and it felt good for him to receive some long anticipated affection from those who truly cared about him.

If you would like to see the rest of Hands’ amazing story and enjoy one of life’s rare happy endings, be sure to watch the rest of this clip. It can be tough to watch during the initial stages, but viewers who are able to remain invested will receive an amazing payoff.

Hands The Dog is certainly proof that anything is possible, when you have good people who care about you in your corner, as well as an unshakable determination. Thanks to Hope For Paws, another brave animal was saved from a life of pain and sadness, as well as given the opportunity to discover their true purpose on this planet.

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