The Beauty And Wonder Of 11 Albino Animals


1. This close of up on an albino zebra shows the deep details and beauty of this unique animal. Its stripes appear to be light brown in color and contrast nicely with the white portions of its body.
2. Yes turtles can be albino too and this creature has a shell that is white with black detail lines. The head and legs of the turtle are also white as well and is noticeably lighter colored than the other turtles surrounding it.

3. This adorable albino lion is showing love to a woman who is pressing her face on the fencing to touch the cat. This lion has white fur and is very pretty. It seems to be comfortable around people and a gentle soul.
4. Peacocks can also be albino beauties and this one is very unique looking. Half of its features are white while the other half has a more traditional color scheme. The upper half and head of the peacock are also white, while the other part of its upper body is blue.
5. No red nose here, just an all-white albino reindeer in a canyon. The dark brown reindeer next to it gives you an idea just how pale this one is and it looks like a perfect holiday mascot. Its antlers are also white colored and quite unique in appearance.
6. This lioness is posing right next to a more traditional colored lioness and you can see the contrast between the two. The albino lioness’ fur is mostly white with small shades of brown mixed in and piercing light blue eyes.
7. This gator will not blend in with any swap grass that you know of. No, this gator is all white and a big body as well. While this gator may be easier to spot coming out of the water than some others, it is no less fearsome.
8. This bright-eyed albino owl is a beautiful all white color and is relaxing on a branch. Not only does this bird have large round eyes, it also has a white beak and white talons.
9. The albino humpback whale in this photo is white colored and as huge as it should be. This may be the only humpback whale of its kind in the world and finding one that is all white is quite a feat. The ocean has its own unique creatures to show off and astound.
10. An actual family of albino deer is seen here and they seem to be on alert about something. They look well suited for the snowy environment they are in and seem to be sticking together very well.
11. This little hedgehog is all-white and seems to be paying close attention to something. It is either entertained or ready to spring into action and it looks tiny enough to boogie in your hands.

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