The Baby Tiger Crawled Up – How The Orangutan Responded Left The Workers In Awe


Watch this video and see the magic in how this orangutan cares for these tiny baby tiger cubs. The cubs are cute enough but when you see the Orangutan he actually looks like he is kissing one of the cubs. This is so cool how he is playing a caregiver just like the ones at the zoo. It seems as if he has just copied the zoo keepers feeding the little tiger cubs. This all happened at the Myrtle Beach Zoo. Watch the caring look on this orangutan face as he takes care of these beautiful tiger cubs. The orangutan plays with them everyday and the group is just too cute watching them play together. The workers couldn’t believe how this big orangutan reacted to them wanting to do their jobs. You will love this short little video of him playing and taking care of the cute little tiger cubs.

I could watch this over and over and see something a little different. I thought I saw a tiger cub that looked white compared to the light yellow ones. Watch as the little cubs jump up and bite the orangutan on his face, they are only playing so don’t worry. This video will remind you of human behavior but is cuter to watch. These are some of the most charming animals on the planet. Watch this and enjoy all the interactions by the two totally different types of animals.

The look of pleasure on this orangutan face is just totally priceless. You will laugh and see all the human traits in this big creature. He shows that even though he is big he is so lovable towards these adorable little tiger cubs. Watch as the cubs play with the orangutan jumping sometimes two at a time on top of him. This video only lasts thirty-five seconds but you see something different in it every time you watch it. I have seen a lot of these animal related videos but nothing quite like this one.

Watch this and see if you don’t think it is one of the most adorable animal videos you have ever watched. Pass it on to family and friends on Facebook they will love it too.

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