The Baby Can’t Make The Jump, But Watch What Mom Does…


Cute animal videos are not always about showcasing the different behaviors that make us laugh, smile, or even shed a tear. Sometimes, the relationship between two animals serves as a larger metaphor for life in general. This clip is certainly no exception.

This baby horse is so adorable, you just might lose sight of the fact that it is struggling to make the same jump as its mother. Horses are some of the most beautiful creatures known to man and this baby horse is beyond adorable.

As the clip begins, the horse seems to be enjoying an average, ordinary day, out for a frolic with Mom. The horse begins to pace around, looking worried or confused. You may be wondering what is wrong with this innocent looking baby.

The baby continues to pace, until its mother finally shows up, ready to figure out exactly what is the matter with her child. The mother horse breaks out into a full gallop and it soon becomes clear what the issue is for baby: they are scared to make the same jump as their mother.

But thanks to their mother’s encouragement, not only does the baby horse make it over the fence, but they are able to do so with relative ease. This horse quickly learned a lesson that it takes many of us an entire lifetime to learn.

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