The Amount Of Sugar Present In Coca-Cola. You Will Be Surprised


We all know that drinking too much soda is terrible for our bodies and in fact, a lot of parents don’t even let their kids drink soda anymore just because of the huge amount of sugar there is in each can. These parents are certainly looking out for their kids and rightfully so, since too much sugar can truly be terrible. Sugar can even makes us fat on the inside – and by this I don’t mean you’ll get a big belly. You will have a lot of fat built up around your organs which will damage the way your whole body functions, making your life a lot tougher. And even the people who are incredibly slim and don’t seem to gain weight in any type of way are also at risk.

On top of that, sugar is incredibly addictive. Recent studies even found out that it can be even more addictive than street drugs such as cocaine and the worst part is that it is pretty much everywhere. It’s so addictive because it triggers the brain to release chemicals in the pleasure center, and people develop a tolerance for it – so they need more and more sugar. In a study conducted with animals being addicted to sugar, when the sweet stuff was removed and they couldn’t have any more of it, they starting feeling anxiety, shakes and had shattering teeth. Pretty scary. Bottom line is: we need to get rid of sugar. It’s everything but good and in this video, someone decided to see just how much sugar we can find in our most commonly consumed soda: Coca-Cola. The video shows us the difference in the amounts of sugar we find in both regular Coca-Cola and in Coca-Cola Zero. After all, Coca-Cola Zero is supposed to have no sugar at all, right?

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If you have ever made caramel before, you will know that it is basically boiling down sugar, or adding sugar to a pan and letting it cook naturally. Either way, you turn white sugar to a thick brown liquid. In the video, when Coca-Cola boils down you have a huge amount of this thick brown liquid. Well, it’s black due to the nature of the drink itself, but we can easily understand this is caramel we’re dealing with – and a huge amount of it. When Coca-Cola Zero is boiled down, however, we can clearly tell there is barely any sugar in the soda. Clearly this means that when it comes to choosing between Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero, we should always go for Zero due the lower amount of sugar there is in the soda. Over time, this choice is going to allow us to live longer and to have a healthier life in general.

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