A Teenager Finds This Horse On The Side Of The Road – Watch How She Responds


There is a definition of love that claims that you do not love someone or something unless you are willing to lose something that you value so the other person gets something they need. Kelsey shows that kind of love for her horse Sonny.

This is really an inspiring and touching story of instant love for an animal that is hurting on the part of a young woman. Kelsey could have just gone on her way and left the animal to die but that spark of compassion made her go to extremes to assure that the horse lived.

This video will really bring tears to your eyes. The horse recovered and is now even human friendly. That is almost miraculous because animals that are abused like Sonny rarely become unafraid of people again. Possibly, Kelsey’s love made the difference.

Once you see this charming video you will want to share the story with other people. The plight of abused horses is graphically shown in the video. The refusal to allow the horse to die on the part of Kelsey is heroic whether she wants to accept the term or not.

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