The Swedish Vallhund Is A Wolf That Stays A Pup Forever!


So many people want to keep their pets small and lovable their entire lives. This is why there are so many people seeking out various dogs that are known to stay small. In fact, some people want to try and read puppies to stay puppy size. The thing is, nature already makes this possible with the perfect breed of dog – Wolf Corgi, sometimes referred to as the Swedish Vallhund.


What is so special about this dog? They are sometimes called Viking dogs because they have a connection to the Vikings of yesteryear. They are small dogs, and on male dogs, they typically don’t stand more than a foot tall. They have a great reputation for being herding dogs, and they are known to have a large bite for being a small dog.

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It’s their stockiness that makes them more robust. They can be fiercely protective, and this makes them great to have around small children. They are intelligent, and perform well at dog competitions in many instances.


The Swedish Vallhund look like miniature wolves, and this is why they are so highly sought after. They love to get attention from their owners, and their personality is ideal for showmanship. They are great to have around the house, and are known for having quite a few different physical traits, which will vary based upon their breeding lineage.

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This means that if you were to get a Vallhund, they may have different coat colors and eye colors, and some even have a bobtail, which is another series of markings.


It doesn’t matter where you live, these dogs are comfortable in any climate, whether it is the mountains, the beach, or the city. Because they stay pup sized, you can easily have them in the house or even an apartment.


Anyone who is searching for a puppy that will stay a puppy forever, this is definitely the breed that you will want to check out. Why try to breed a puppy that will stay puppy when the Swedish Vallhund is already available?


These are incredible animals – and you may want one for yourself – or know someone who is on the hunt for a puppy dog. Share away and let people know about this incredible breed.


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