Street Musicians Make An Outstanding Performance


The music industry has grown to a point that no one could have even imagined in the days of old. Incredibly it is now worth billions of dollars and the “top” musicians we see out there are incredibly rich and can live the lifestyle they want to because they keep on selling album after album with no one to stop them. Putting labels behind them, they can almost sing about anything and still sell millions. As a matter of fact musicians nowadays don’t really need to put a message behind their lyrics, they barely need lyrics. They can just say one thing over and over again and then make the music catchy: a million dollar formula, right there. It’s unfortunate the music business got to such a point but luckily there are still some people out there who want to make beautiful music and be amazing at what they do.

Playing for Change is an organization that defends such musicians and that hold an incredibly strong belief: the one that music can connect the world and unite us all. Essentially, the group connects musicians from around the world and inspires them to work together and make amazing music together. Music that is not meant to simply entertain but also to inspire, warm and motivate people. In 2002 the founders of Playing for Change took it to the streets of America and made a whole documentary about the importance of street musicians the influence they have on our world. They might be there just playing for change, but they are making the world a better place, one that is beautiful for us to live on. The organization turned into charity after it started receiving a lot of attention and since then, every penny they get does into music and art programs for schools so that children all over the world can learn to think outside the box, to enjoy real art and beauty and to become masters in the future. The organization surely makes an amazing job and in this video we can clearly tell they do. This is basically a compilation of a lot of musicians around the world singing “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay”. The video was done with separate recordings but still, it is simply incredibly. Personally, I like it a lot more than most of the “mainstream music” we listen to nowadays. Certainly you know someone who has a deep interest in music and actually wants to become a musician (not just rich and famous). If you do let us know about it and let us know about the importance on music in your life. It can be truly inspiring and it can change the course of the world.

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