Stallion Saves Baby Horse From Drowning In Salt River. What An Incredible Story!


In the Tonto National Forest of Central Arizona, many wild horses live along the lower Salt and Verde Rivers. One of the most popular bands is headed by an attractive silver stallion named Champ. He often leads his family to the banks of the Salt River to graze and play in the cool water, allowing visitors and tourists to snap photos.

Recently, his family was spotted splashing about when another band of horses appeared on the opposite bank. Champ, and the rest of his herd, all gazed across the rushing water as the new horses skipped and whinnied and enjoyed grazing in the grasses. Being the brave leader that he is, Champ rounded up a few horses and began to cross the river to greet the newcomers.

The current was stronger than all realized, and one of the fillies attempting to cross got sucked under. The chestnut surfaces, but is panicked and kicks out in all directions. When she starts getting pushed away from the group, Champ rushes in to save the day. He attempts to grab her by the scruff of her neck, but she is too slippery from her earlier plunge. Her neck slides out of his mouth and the current pulls her rapidly downstream.

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