As Soon As The Dog Heard THIS Voice, He Went Crazy!


Share this funny and loving little video just because it is so odd and funny. Even people that care nothing about animals will get a huge laugh out of the dog’s performance. In a way the sound the dog makes is sad and an obvious indication that the dog misses his “mom”. You cannot help but laugh at the strange sounds that the dog makes.

The look on the dog’s face is another great reason to share this video. The dog is looking right at the phone just like people do even though there is no picture. The dog’s facial expression absolutely matches the soul felt sorrow that his cries indicate. The dog’s face looks like he is in on the joke every time the man encourages the dog to let the woman know how much the dog loves her.

Stanley is loud and continues to get louder and louder. The dog gets more mournful and lonesome sounding every time he howls. The video makes you feel like the dog really feels a sense of loss and separation from the lady. The lady never laughs that you can hear but she must have been tickled at Stanley’s phone call.

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