Someone Has Got To Stop Talking and Start Listening To This Kitten!


The only one that listened to the kitten was the other cat that appeared in the video, but the cat was clearly looking for some camera time, and not for anything related to what the kitten was saying. The cat just bursts in, looks at the camera and then leaves…. Rude!

So what should this kitten have done to get some attention? Should be have attacked someone’s leg with his mighty claws? Should he have just paired up with that rude cat that wanted some camera time for himself? Who knows.

Maybe he should have done what he did at the end of the video: give up. People around him are clearly not interested in what he has to say and he is wasting his energy trying to talk to them! It would be better for him to give up, go get some milk and eat a little bit.

He could probably get his point across after a nice, relaxing nap. Take a look at the video of the poor kitten talking to other people, and let us know!

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