Someone Dumped 3 Poor Pups On The Streets. By The End You Will Be In Tears.


The city of Los Angeles is home to the Hollywood sign, Rodeo Dr., the Hollywood walk of stars, and three originally unidentified Chihuahuas. Two adorable and particularly friendly females and one male were dropped off at a fast food restaurant so they decided to take refuge in the drive through.

Hope For Paws received the call on this particularly gloomy Los Angeles day and went to the scene of the crime, only to find three of the sweetest animals they’d ever encountered. While Chihuahuashuas, later named Penny, Brooklyn and Marty, were awaiting help and rescue, they were shot with BB guns, a game only someone very cruel would play. Two of the dogs were hit. Hope for Paws took their time with Penny, Brooklyn, and Marty, being very careful to make sure they felt safe and taken care of. While attempting to rescue the dogs, the woman who was initially feeding and taking care of the dogs caught up with them to make sure they would be okay. Hope for Paws promised they would be safe.

After the puppies were safely situated and put into the truck, the members officially gave them their name. Marty, the single male, and Penny and Brooklyn, the two females. They were excited for the future the dogs would have, until the fourth day after rescue when Penny’s congestive heart failure was discovered too late. She passed away that day, but Hope For Paws finds encouragement and happiness that Penny experienced all the love she could have possibly been given in her final days on this earth.

As for Marty and Brooklyn, they are lively, energetic, and living as if they were never pummeled with BB guns at their foster home with Wags and Walks. Today they are available for adoption on Wags and Walks website, but their loving sister Penny will never be forgotten and will always be missed.

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