Someone Recorded A Dog And Cat… What They Caught At 1:24 I Couldn’t Handle.


Watch this video for yourself and see this freak of nature of the two getting along very well. If you have ever seen a dog and a cat together it is usually when they fight. See how there is no biting and screaming in this video as the two love each other. You won’t believe your eyes as this amorous cat reaches up to the dog’s face and licks it like a kiss.

The cat continues to rub against this dog like the two are loving one another. The dog seems to enjoy this cat kissing him as it reaches almost as high as it can and gives the canine a kiss. You can tell the cat really loves this dog arching its paws and back as it shows some affection to the dog.

Watching this video will show you something you hardly ever see in the animal kingdom a dog and cat getting along as lovers. This big husky dog seems to love all the attention the cat is giving it. You have to see this as this frisky cat really knows how to reach up and kiss this dog and it is funny.

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