Sneaky Fox Tries To Steal Golfer’s Club Sock


I found this video really funny. I saw a different side of the fox in here, the playful side. So, to start with, this video was captured in a golf course from a golfer. Apparently the guy who shot this video was enjoying the beautiful day in the nature while playing golf with his friend.

Suddenly a fox approaches to them, any goes straight to one of the golf’s clog sock. The fox get the sock and runs away. So the friend of the guy shooting the video starts chasing the fox. When she notices, she just drops the suck on the ground and runs a little further. The guy, chasing the fox, get the club sock, and puts it where it was. The thing is the fox comes back again for the sock. She gets it and starts running. The guy runs after her again, and the two of them start a “cat and mouse” chasing game. Then the whole thing gets repeated, util the fox gets tired, and starts chasing the guy.

It is really funny to see the fighter spirt of this fox, who doesn’t want to give up on her intentions for nothing in the world. I have no idea why would a fox need the golfer’s club sock, but she wanted is to badly. It is really funny to see the whole scene happening, because I would think that after the guy got the sock for the first time, the fox would just surrender and walk away. But no, it is not that easy for a fox to give up on her dreams. If you want to see what happens in the end, then you better watch the video, and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones, or your friends.

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