Sleepy Dog Completely Unfazed After He Falls Off The Couch


The dog in this video, who is named Apollo, has had a long day. This is something that we can all relate to. Sometimes, after a particularly lengthy day, it’s time to sink into the couch and catch a few moments of shut eye. Apollo had the exact same thought and settled down to grab a few extra winks of sleep after being taken home from his daycare facility. The sleepy pup falls into a deep slumber, which allows his owner to take care of other necessary household tasks. At the onset of the clip, we see the dog sleeping on the couch, as his owner is busy elsewhere in the house. Before we’ve even had a chance to know the dog’s name, he rolls off of the couch in his sleep.
Even the most stone faced viewer needs to stifle a laugh upon seeing the still sleeping dog roll off his makeshift bed. The dog lands flat on his back and while it looks as though he is about to wake up at any second, he simply rolls over and goes back to sleep. If only the rest of us could maintain such a sound sleep on a daily basis! His owner looks on, with a face that conveys a mixture of mild concern and wide eyed disbelief. He’s undoubtedly happy that his canine companion did not sustain serious injuries, but does not know how the dog managed to remain asleep after such a traumatic experience.

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