Simple Tricks That Make Life Easier And Simpler


There are millions of hassles in life. These ten little tricks can help you cope with some of the frustration that technology, food, and being human can cause you. We all want to avoid the interference of ads while we are playing games on our smart phones. The solution is simple. Switch your phone to airplane mode in the control panel. This eliminates those pesky ads by turning off the phone’s radio function. The little trick also makes the battery last longer. Do you know which side of a rental car that the gas tank port is on without getting out of the car? The dash board will tell you. Look for the fuel pump icon on the gas gauge. There is an arrow that points in the direction that the gas inlet is on next to the little gas pump icon so you know where the inlet is without looking. You can start a fire in your grill with potato chips. The chips catch fire quickly and burn long enough to get the charcoal going. This little trick avoids the use of charcoal starter fluid and the petroleum taste that the fluid can cause in food. Chips go in first.

The easy way to maximize the amount of fruit you can get out of a kiwi is to use a spoon. Cut one end of the kiwi off. Insert the spoon as close to the edge of the peel as possible. Move the spoon around the fruit keeping it close to the peel. The just scoop out the whole fruit with no fruit wasted stuck to the peel. Most people would return a lost smart phone if they could find the owner or info to get in contact with the owner. Take a photo of pertinent contact information and make that photo the lock screen image on the phone. If you misplace the phone, a person that finds it can contact you to get the phone back to you. You can keep yourself from being frozen or scalded when you first get into the shower. Use fingernail polish or white out to make the position on the water control knob that is comfortable. Be sure to mark the knob and the faucet lever. Then just dial up the comfort setting before you get in the shower.

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