Sick Man Threatens To Microwave Dogs In His Facebook Post


This story is about a man who did not realize that there are limits to what can be said on the Internet. Trolling is one thing and threatening the life of an innocent animal in public is quite another. The man in this unfortunate tale is named Hector Pele, and he took to social media to complain about the treatment of an MMA fighter who was accused of beating his canine companion for several hours, before placing the battered creature in a washing machine.

For his part, Hector is defending the man’s actions and according to his social media posts, the aforementioned actions do not constitute animal cruelty. While most would disagree on this matter, Hector is certainly entitled to speak freely and share his opinions in an open forum if he sees fit.

Image Credit: yousignanimals

If you take the time to check out Hector’s Facebook profile, you will find any number of disturbing posts. He is a butcher by trade and in his own words, he has captured hundreds of dogs and cats. He locks these poor animals up for the purposes of consuming them and encourages those who read his profile to try the taste of cat and dog meat. You just might have nightmares after seeing the sort of filth that he posts for people to read.

Just take a look at this horrifying photograph:


Image Credit: yousignanimals

While we can only hope that he did not actually microwave that poor pup, this man is clearly dangerous and definitely needs to be stopped, before any more innocent animals get hurt. However, it will take a team effort to ensure that Hector’s vicious ways are put to a swift and decisive end.

If you are anything like the rest of us and you find these pictures and posts to be incredibly disturbing, the time has come to take action. Please take a moment to sign this petition, so that Facebook can remove these kind of trolls from their site. This petition will also allow animal activists to save animals from adverse situations.

If you find this a disturbing as I do, please sign this petition so that Facebook can remove these trolls and let animal rights activities save animals. Then go ahead and report Hector Pele’s Facebook profile,, to help stop animal abuse.

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