She Saw Her Dog’s Tongue Blew Up. Days Later He Died. Now She’s Warning All Pet Owners About THIS


The damage to Maximus’s tongue was so severe that after paying $3,700 to have the toy removed Ms. Stumpf was faced with the decision of having the dog’s tongue amputated or having the dog put to sleep. She opted for euthanasia but is still haunted by the memory of her lost dog trying to get her to help get the toy off of the dog’s tongue.

Stumpf memorialized her lost pet by announcing the dangers of the toy to her social media friends and contacting local television stations. The television stations contacted the manufacturer of the toy and the maker indicated they would research the design of the chew toy and that this is the first time they had heard of any dog being injured by the toy.

Stumpf’s advice to dog owners is that if they have the chew toy then they need to take the toy away from the dog before it causes injury or even death.

This video is a real story of a tragedy that should never have happened. It also tells a touching story of a woman inspired by her grief over the needless loss of a beloved pet to go on a campaign to prevent any other animal deaths.
You simply have to share this video with all your animal loving friends. The sights of the dog’s injuries are horrifying. The sorrow and determination of a woman bent on protecting other people and their pets from the tragedy that she experienced is inspiring.

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