She Yelled ‘Danger’ In The Middle Of The Night & Her Dog Did The Unthinkable


Due to the fire Colon and Yolanda have been displaced from their home in the Holmesburg section of Philadelphia on Oakmont Street in the 4300 block. They are currently being assisted by both the Red Paw and the American Red Cross. Red Paw is an emergency relief team for pets and their owners. Yolanda has been rewarded with food and treats as well as toys and other supplies.

Although most guide dogs are Labrador Retrievers (about 70 percent); Golden retrievers and German shepherds make up the other 30 percent. According to the Land of Pure Gold foundation, Golden Retrievers like Yolanda make great guide dogs because they naturally enjoy working with their special partners. Guide dogs are raised from the time they are bread to become guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired. These dogs are raised in loving foster homes until they are 18 months old. They are then placed in a training program guided by licensed instructors. Most programs continue to provide follow up care throughout the dog’s life.

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