She Wraps Yarn Around Her Fingers. Minutes Later- I NEED To Try This!


Practically everyone knows what knitting is, the insanely time consuming process of turning balls of yarn into clothing and accessories. You have to buy knitting needles; stoppers to put one the end of the needles so your work doesn’t fall off, yarn, and patterns that can be confusing. Many of us barely have time to sit down for twenty minutes, let alone for hours on end to make a single gift. Surely there has to be an easier way to make a scarf or hat!

What if I told you that you can make a hat or scarf by knitting in half the time? There is a simple alternative that even children can learn quickly. This other method is Finger Knitting, yes fingers as in the digits attached to your hands. It only requires a ball of yarn, a pair of scissors and your hands. It is easy to master whether you are right or left handed. This is a great project to do on a rainy day with the kids.

You begin by laying the yarn across your palm and holding it in place with your thumb. Wrap the yarn around the back of your index finger, in front of your middle finger and behind your ring finger and back around the pinkie. Now repeat the steps again so you have two loops on each finger. Grab the bottom loop and gently pull it up and over the top of your finger, beginning at the index finger. Once you finish that you will repeat wrapping the yarn around each finger until you have two loops on each again. Pull the bottom loop over the top of your finger and you have now made two row of knitting. Continue wrapping and pulling the yarn off until it is as long as you like. You will soon have a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend. Once you reach the length you desire, bind off the end in the following manner. You should have only one loop on each finger. Take the loop off the index finger and place it on the middle finger, it now has two loops. Pull the bottom loop up and place it on the ring finger. Repeat the process to the ring finger and the pinkie. When you have one loop left, cut the yarn to leave a three inch tale and pull the tail through the loop and pull tight. You have finished the project!

The following video demonstrates how to get started. This woman wraps the yarn in and out of her fingers and slips it off to create the stitches. After watching this instructional video, you will be making gifts in no time.

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