She Wraps Apple Slices In Puff Pastry To Create A Dessert That’s Almost Too Pretty To Eat!


Everybody loves a good dessert! Am I right? Of course I am! However, we also know that many desserts are not very healthy. In fact, it seems like the better it tastes, the worse it is for you! Blogger Sophia Gioiello has discovered both a dessert that is both extremely delicious and healthy. It’s about time someone found such a dessert! What dessert is it, you may ask? It is a dessert that is not only delicious and healthy, but also visually pleasant! A dessert that puts fruit to good use! A dessert that is one of the best of its kind! It’s apple slices and puff pastry! Not only that, but they are rolled into rose shapes! It has just the right amount of apple, pastry, natural apricot preserves, and lemon juice to make a truly delectable dessert! Sophia attributes their creation to Manuela M.

So how are these healthy little pastries made? First, you need a frozen sheet of puff pastry. This is going to need to be thawed before use. You are going to need two apples; organic red delicious is highly recommended. You are going to need the juice from half a lemon, a tablespoon of flour for the counter surface, and three tablespoons of natural apricot preserves. You can also add cinnamon if you want, though the common recipe does not specify how much. According to a YouTube video from Manuela, she slices up the apples into manageable pieces, adds all the ingredients, and rolls the pastry into a rose shape.

This dessert will certainly be an instant hit among the health-conscious among us. The combination of pleasant look, pleasant taste and good health value will make it a recipe to remember for generations to come. Puff pastry desserts have always been popular, but I don’t know if anything like this has ever been done until recently! Healthy food doesn’t always have to be about bland vegetables and soy products that try to imitate meat and fail when it comes to taste. With the manufactures of peanut butter making “reduced fat” and “natural” versions of their products, sugar substitutes being available on the mainstream market, and fat-free and sugar-free versions of many products being available where anyone can find them, the world of healthy food is no longer exclusive to health food stores. The world of healthy food is becoming increasingly popular, and these wonderful pastries are another step forward in the world of healthy eating. It will change the lives of children and adults alike, and dessert will never be looked at in the same way again! Whether you are a health nut or just someone with a sweet tooth who has a problem keeping away from the sweets, this recipe is definitely for you!

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