She Was Swimming At A Beach When THIS Came Out Of Nowhere… SCARY!


Most of the time going to the beach can be a fun time, right? Watch this video and find out what happened. Most people pick a warm day to go to the beach. You don’t expect what happens here at all. It can be a bit cold when you first get to the beach so you wear a jacket knowing that it will be warming up as the day goes by. The day here starts as a very nice Russian day. What happens next comes out of nowhere. Is it jaws or some other man eating fish? There are no man eating fish but it gets scary pretty fast as you watch this three minute video. This seemingly normal day at the beach turns into utter chaos in a matter of seconds. Families, children, couples are seen enjoying a perfect day for Russia. Watch as their whole pleasant attitude goes from happy to yelling obscenities. This reminds me a little of the chicken little story, people yelling “The sky is falling” except this is real and happens right before your eyes.

The sky that is falling is a massive hail storm and it comes out of nowhere. You can hear people yelling and watching them running for cover in this video. The hail is as big as golf balls and you can hear the pounding of them on the ground. The wind starts to blow and all of a sudden these large balls of ice turn the beach lovers into panicked crazy people running for cover. Watch this as the beach goers run for their lives shouting “were all going to die”.

Watch as these beautiful Russian people deal with a near death experience. The swimmers have the extra challenge, as they climb out of the water the best that they can holding whatever they have over their heads. The water becomes a canvas of falling white balls of ice as the swimmers make their way onto the beach. Once on the beach they run for their lives just happy to be alive, some shouting obscenities in the Russian language.

Watch this video as the beach and water landscape become a virtual desert of beach goers. View this test of a real life survival situation and think something like this could happen to you. Please share this video with your family and friends but warn them of how scary the beach can be!

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