She Was Looking For Her Dog. What Was He Doing When She Found Him? I Can’t Stop Laughing!


Watch this cool video and you can’t believe what this black dog does. It is summertime and the “livin is easy” and this dog knows how to stay cool. This guy takes his dog for a walk and you can’t believe what the dog ends up doing. You know dogs get hot when they’re outside in the summer time heat. See what happens when this dog is walking around this park This video will have you laughing when you see what happens while they are walking around the park. When you see this video you won’t believe how the dog cools off. The place he ends up cooling off in is way up high. How he gets up there is hard to figure out. You have to see this video to see what happens it will have you laughing. It has water in it but you won’t believe where it really is.

This summertime dog is no fool and he shows you how he cools off. Watch this funny video to see how he stays cool you can’t believe it. The owner is really surprised as he looks up to find his dog in a fancy park water fountain. When you see this you will get such a laugh out of this cool video. This black dog is so funny you will wonder how he gets up that high in the fountain. You will be scratching your head when you see what happens. I don’t know how he did it but he ended way up high in this fountain. Watch this video to see where he is in this fountain. Dogs can be pretty smart and this black lab sure proves that he is. It is just amazing how this dog got up so high you have to see it to believe it.

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