She Was Just Rescued From A Dog Meat Farm. The Next Part Will Give You The BIGGEST Smile.


Dog meat or Nureongi or Hwangu as it is popularly called in Korea is a source of meat and is referred to as livestock. Statistics have shown that 2.50 million dogs are slaughtered annually in Asia. The number of dogs killed in 2002 was 2.95 million and in 2005, 2.31 million dogs. There is also an estimated 20,000 restaurants who cook and serve dog meat. Dogs are bred in these areas specifically for food and over the years, some of these dogs have been rescued and sent to San Francisco SPCA to recuperate and be placed on adoption. One of such golden puppies is Mary.


Mary is a lucky puppy who was destined to be meat in Korea but on the 23rd day of June 2015, her luck changed. She was rescued along with six other dogs from a Korean meat market where they were bred for food. The dogs were immediately flown to San Francisco to begin a new journey, not as meat, but as pets. When the plane touches down in San Francisco, shy Mary hesitated coming out when her crate was first opened. Mary was given the first bath since she became a free mutt and immensely enjoyed it as she shook off water from her fur and thanked her caretaker with an incredible gesture.

Mary was adopted by a wonderful couple who took her into their home and gave her a fresh start in life. She no longer has to live in fear again or in rusty steel cages, she is grateful for this opportunity to live a full life and experience love from a family. She finally has a chance to have the life she deserves, a life with people who love and adore her and she does not have to live in fear anymore. Mary no longer has to live in cramped up rusty steel cages waiting to be slaughtered and eaten. She is truly a lucky mutt, other dogs who still languish in steel cages have not been so lucky.

She is a very lucky dog indeed and is eternally grateful for the care given to her, and she shows her gratitude in the most awesome way possible. She immediately acclimatized to the environment and was declared healthy by the vets.

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