She Walks Up To A Wild Horse. When She Kneels Down To Take A Picture? INCREDIBLE.


Horses are some of the most beautiful, majestic creatures known to man. Life does not present us with many opportunities to catch a glimpse of them while they are in their natural habitat. Recently, a group of brave filmmakers decided to remedy this issue by grabbing their cameras and heading to one of the last areas in the United States where wild horses have the ability to run free.

This group of courageous women came together to create a short film about the beauty of these wild horses entitled Strong Women, Wild Horses. This film is dedicated to showcasing the lifestyle of wild horses to the viewer, which allows them to further appreciate the struggles that these horses experience.

These women were armed with little more than their cameras, as they embarked on an amazing adventure into the Great Basin. This area is one of the final untamed frontiers of the United States, one of the few places where wild horses are able to feel at home. These wild horses can run free and enjoy all of the spoils of the land.

Don’t hesitate to share this video, as few things are more breathtaking than watching a group of wild horses enjoy their natural habitat.

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