She Used A Paintbrush On Her Cake For The Easiest Decorating Tip EVER!


Everyone loves a beautiful cake. However, if you are not a professional cake decorator your cake usually ends up looking like a toddler decorated it. The more you try, the worse it looks and you finally give up. The video below will show you a neat trick to making a beautiful and professional looking cake for any occasion with frosting, food coloring and paint brushes! No pastry bags are required! Bake and frost your cake. Dip a paint brush in water and draw your design.

In the video an Ombre flower was used, but use your imagination. You can make any design from flowers to abstract lines and even brush on words like Happy Birthday! Once you have your design on the cake, take some white frosting and put it on cardboard. Now mix in a few drops of food coloring. When you have the color you want, brush it right over the design on the cake! Dip the brush in water between strokes to keep it moist and to keep your frosting workable. Now add more colors and continue until you have the cake decorated.

Use a smaller brush and darker colors to accent the design and bring it to life. There is no wrong way to decorate your cake.

This same procedure works on making beautiful designer cupcakes for showers and parties. It is great for decorating cookies. At your child’s next sleepover, ice some cookies and let the children paint on their designs. To add to the magic, use sprinkles and colored sugars. This is an inexpensive and delicious way to celebrate and the kids will love it.

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