She Told Her Loud Dog To Bark A Little Softer. What He Does Made Me LOL!


When the woman in this video is finally fed up with the vociferous barking of her furry friend, she decides to tell him to keep it down. The craziest part of all? He actually listens! Not only can this dog take his barking down a notch, but he has even lower levels that he can bring it down to. I thought I had seen it all before, but never have I seen a dog with this level of self control.

It just goes to show that dogs are much, much smarter than they are typically given credit for. They have the ability to decipher complex results and listen to their owner’s requests. While some dogs may play stupid and act cute in order to get away with more, there are more dogs out there who know exactly how to behave and are able to curry favor with their owners.

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