She Thought He Missed Their Daughter’s Dance Recital. But The Truth Had Me Wiping Away Tears!


This is one of the nicest and most realistic family relationship videos you will see. It s a reminder to all parents that their children are only young once and that every minute spent with a child can make a world of difference in how the child feels about you and who they become as an adult.

The real world love and family behavior in the video earn it a right to be shared. You may get a bit emotional seeing the lady’s face as her husband trots on stage to dance with his daughter. The video epitomizes the sacrifice of time that good parents give to the special wishes of their children.

The video is worth sharing because it shows how special the relationship between a man and his only daughter can be. The other four children are all boys.

Take a little time to enjoy this and send it out to all your friends and social media pals. This one just makes you feel good.

A man that probably has no interest in dance and does not appear to want a stage presence sacrifices his time to fulfill his daughter’s special wish for him because she loves dancing and has been dancing since she was four years old. It just shows you what good fathers are willing to do for their children and especially their only daughter.

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