She Tells Her Frenchie To Go To Bed. His Response? CUTEST Tantrum Ever!


This dog reminds us of young children, in a variety of ways. The puppy is obviously very, very tired, but is still refusing to go to sleep, much like a small child. We’ve all seen those children before, rubbing their eyes and yawning every other second, but still refusing to throw in the towel and get some much needed shut eye.

It is all a matter of principles, of course. Even though this poor puppy is clearly exhausted, they have decided that their owner is simply not going to tell them when to go to bed, they will decide for themselves, gosh darn it! No one is going to sway this dog, especially once they have dug in their heels.

Puppies are adorable, but having one with such pleading eyes can be a mixed blessing. On one hand, they are cute and fun to be around. On the other, cajoling them into accomplishing even the simplest tasks becomes quite the chore. Parents who are ready to hit the hay themselves might have a tough time handling this sort of chicanery.

This cute puppy does not want to go to bed and now you can share his adventures with your friends, loved ones and your social media buddies, so be sure to spread the love and post this clip on your Facebook wall.

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