She Starts To Dance, But When The Dog Does THIS, My Jaw Dropped!


It has been said that people will do just about anything with their pets. The annual Eurasia dog show that was held in Moscow proved this. A dog and handler performed in a musical freestyle competition. The Eurasia dog show has become a modern dog sport that is a blend of tricks, obedience training, and dance. It also provides an opportunity for dogs and their owners to have some unusual interactions together.

In the video, the dance duo, half human, half dog, performs a beautiful routine. They trained for months, and the dog is obviously very obedient. They can be seen dancing to the music.

The freestyle dance demands that the dog perform a number of different tricks, including spinning, jumping, and rolling over. Many of the moves are in complete sync with his human handler.

Everyone who watches this video will be watching the dog, and it is quite impressive.

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